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Protect Your Business with Decision Digital's Cybersecurity Solutions

November 25th, 2020 by admin

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Since March, the business world has been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 caused businesses to transition to a remote workforce quickly. The quick transition caused problems since employees didn't have the necessary tools to be successful. Another problem that has emerged is cybersecurity. Many employees had to use their personal computers for work purposes, and most of the computers didn't have enterprise-level cybersecurity. Coinciding with the transition to remote work was an uptick in hacking and phishing attacks. In fact, according to a ZDNet article, phishing attempts surged 667% in the month of March. The drastic increase is extremely problematic for businesses as they are at risk of suffering a data breach, costing thousands of dollars.

Another trend that happened with the transition to remote work was a 40% rise in remote desktop usage. The issue is that some of these remote desktop connections were unsecured, which opened businesses up for brute force attacks. At Decision Digital, we understand how difficult it is to balance your business's growth while staying protected from cyberthreats. Our cybersecurity solutions will keep your company protected while educating your employees on how to stop phishing attacks.

Security Awareness For Enterprise (SAFE)

At Decision Digital, we believe that security is as much a people problem as it is a technical one. Our goal is to increase your organizational understanding of the best security practices. Our methodology is a 3-part process: Find, Fix, Fortify.

Find: Measure. Assess. Report.

The first step to securing your company is finding any external vulnerabilities and closely examining network security practices, endpoints, policies, and compliance levels. This assessment step will give us a detailed view of your business's cybersecurity practices and allow us to come up with a plan to rectify any issues.

Fix: Strategize. Plan. Resolve.

After completing the first step, we will implement our plan to make your cybersecurity more robust and resilient to attacks. After all of your business's known vulnerabilities have been fixed, we move to the third stage.

Fortify: Manage. Respond. Teach.

The third step involves us managing your cybersecurity. We will continuously monitor your network to keep your business protected. Additionally, we will educate you and your employees on how to stay safe and secure.

With cybersecurity being such an important issue for businesses to address, partnering with a company that will protect your business and educate your employees is crucial. Contact Decision Digital today to learn more about how we can keep your organization safe from the latest cybersecurity threats.

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