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Switch to Digital Servers and Be More Resilient to Cyber Attacks

December 5th, 2019 by admin

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At Decision Digital, we strive to provide solutions and innovation aimed at helping your business grow. One of the ways we do this is by offering a Virtual Private Server. Our Virtual Servers are available in Hyper-V or ESX, and they will put an end to server sprawl. Virtual Private Servers provide a myriad of benefits. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • The Ease of Scalability. You don't have to buy new hardware every time you need to "spin up" a server. It is more cost-efficient, and you can get it up and running in far less time.
  • Minimal Downtime. Anytime you need to work on one of your host servers; you can move your servers to a new host, perform your tasks, and move your servers back with no interruption to your services.
  • Disaster Recovery. It is much easier and faster to restore a virtual server. You can also build in a second Storage Area Network (SAN) that replicates your data and gives you robust on-site recovery capabilities.

Failed servers can also be the cause of a cyber attack. With Virtual Servers, you can define what the best environment is to run each service and the security requirements that are necessary. By using a Virtual Server, the vulnerabilities of a service do not affect other services. This allows your company to be more resilient to cyber-attacks and avoid prolonged downtime.

Learn more about our Virtual Private Servers along with our other Hosted Services and how our team can help your business expand.

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