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Top Signs That It's Time to Hire a Managed Services Provider

October 21st, 2022 by admin

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For small and mid-size businesses, rapid growth can change the way they operate. However, meeting growth goals and sustaining success can be challenging with limited resources and tight budgets. It can increase pressure on the internal IT staff to perform and deliver their best. However, too much pressure on a small team of professionals can hamper business growth. It can result in employee dissatisfaction, increased absenteeism, and lowered morale which can further impact business productivity and performance. Therefore, business owners must evaluate their technology needs. They need to check for signs to confirm they need to hire a managed services provider. This decision would make sense when the company management is not ready to expand the internal team.

So, to make things easy, here are some surefire signs you need IT support services immediately:

Sign 1 – You Have a Small IT Team With Limited Technical Expertise and Knowledge

As a growing business, you must ensure you are abreast of the latest technology advancements and are employing cutting-edge tools and technologies to your business advantage. However, this goal is not easy to meet because businesses in the growth stage don't often have the financial resources to:

  • Invest in new technologies
  • Train and educate their team members to use new technology to its full potential
  • Hire new and experienced IT professionals full-time

Without the best team of professionals with the required expertise and the latest industry knowledge, your business can fall behind. However, you can easily avoid this by hiring a managed services provider.

A managed services provider works as a natural extension of your IT team. As they work with multiple clients, they have vast exposure and understanding of potential IT problems and ways to fix them. Moreover, some MSPs continuously train their teams to keep up with the newest technical and technological advancements. However, with an experienced and reputed MSP, you can easily cope with any IT-related challenge or problem that comes your way.

Sign 2 – Your Business Experiences Downtime of More Than 0.1 Percent Annually

Another surefire sign of hiring a managed service provider is excessive downtime. As the corporate world is increasingly competitive, your business can't afford unplanned downtime. Business availability is crucial to compete. Studies show that downtime can result in $5600/minute and cost you around $300,000/ hour. Furthermore, it can also:

  • Damage your market reputation
  • Make you lose existing customers
  • Lower your ability to gain prospects

So, if you are experiencing long hours of downtime, consider partnering with an experienced MSP in your local area. With an experienced MSP, you can ensure 99.999 percent network uptime. You can increase business efficiency and availability, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Additionally, even if the system goes down, your MSP's technical support team can immediately ensure your business is up again in the fastest time.

Sign 3 – Your Systems Got Hacked, and You Lack Network Monitoring

Unfortunately, over 50 percent of cyber attacks are on small and medium-sized businesses. If you have been a victim of cyber crime, you must hire a managed services provider immediately. Being a victim of cyber crime indicates your in-house team is not experienced or qualified enough to keep cyber criminals at bay. Failure to take adequate measures fast can result in recurring hacks, which you don't want.

Moreover, being a victim of cyber crime also shows that your IT staff follows a reactive approach. They only look for ways to fix problems once they happen. This approach is not beneficial. You need an expert team that can vigilantly monitor your systems and network with a proactive approach, and a managed services provider can be this team. Proactive network monitoring and management can help you identify security threats and risks while taking effective measures to prevent them from hacking your systems or resulting in security breaches.

If you can identify with any of the signs discussed above, then without delay, hire a managed services provider now. At Decision Digital, we take pride in being the first choice for managed IT services. We are a client-focused company dedicated to providing care-managed services. That's right; we care about your business and are invested in the success of your business. We offer comprehensive managed IT services, including network monitoring, IT support, help desk, procurement, deployment, and more.

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