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What Our Hosted Services Have to Offer

June 25th, 2019 by admin

Business offering cloud services

Cloud-based technology has grown substantially over the past few years. From that growth, the Cloud now has more capabilities in what it can do and what it can offer, which has led to businesses everywhere leveraging those capabilities to their benefit. We know just what the cloud can do and what it can't do. That's why we offer a variety of affordable hosted services for businesses.

Each of our cloud services is designed to be flexible, cost-effective, resilient, and compliant, with a heavy emphasis on data integrity and security. That's why we use our own Cloud, PrivateCloud™, for our hosted services:

  • Net Management- Our state-of-the-art management system keeps you up to date by letting you watch your network in real time. You can also receive alerts on mission-critical items, and take remote control of virtually any device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Offsite Backup- Backup full VMs, your whole network or just your most valuable files, databases, and emails. Our Hypervault can automatically back up your data to a secure offsite location via the Internet.
  • Virtual Private Server- Available in Hyper-V or ESX, our hosted virtual machines put an end to server sprawl and introduce you to scalability and dependability. Build the server you want without buying any hardware or software.
  • Hosted Accounting- Our hosted SAGE and QuickBooks services offer you the same great accounting software you love without the hardware. Now you can use your accounting skills at work, at home, even in the air.
  • Email Compliance- MailStore, our secure archiving services are an essential part of your compliance requirements. No matter where your email may live, we can automatically build and store fully-hosted historical and compliance journaling email archives, accessible only to you.
  • Data Center- Equinix is home to our PrivateCloud™ servers as well as rack space for your physical servers. Whether you are using one of our cloud services, need a disaster recovery hot site, or wish to place your gear in a highly available environment, our data center services are within your reach.

With Cloud technology offering so many beneficial services, it's easy to see why so many businesses are turning to it. Don't fall behind the competition, use our hosted services so you can leverage cloud technology to your advantage.

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