Catapult Fall 2019 – Revenue Generation

Improving efficiency can be a game of inches. There are lots of ways to do it, and none are likely to result in dramatic gains. But if done together, they can amount to a tremendous increase in revenue.

Catapult is Decision Digital's 2-day workshop that covers in detail the processes, methodologies, and actions we've uncovered to ensure you get the most out of Tigerpaw® and help you drive revenue growth.


  • About your business: Understanding your business, flow, and models
  • Gap Analysis: How to see all the settings throughout Tigerpaw® in a single spreadsheet
  • System-wide options: Big impact from a few check boxes
  • The Price Book Is Right: Secrets and methodologies to using the price books
  • Contracts: Managing revenue, projects & more
  • Getting Things Done: Becoming a task master
  • The Art of Time Entry: Unlock the power of time logs, EZ billing, and time sheets
  • Getting Phased: Project management uses and practices
  • Business Development: The Pursuit Methodology
  • The Matrix: Weaponizing the information within Tigerpaw®
  • TREK: Giving superpowers to Tigerpaw®
  • BrightGauge: Leverage single pane of glass gauges

Each topic is covered in depth using real-world examples, process diagrams and workflows. And all attendees can download the matrix views, workflows, and process diagrams for use in their own businesses. This is not Tigerpaw® Academy. This is an intensive 2-day workshop on how to rethink your business processes, embrace improvement, and evolve your business to the next level using the tools you already have in place.

DATES: October 29 – 30, 2019

PLACE: Atlanta, GA

TIME: Day 1: 8:30 – 4:30 | Day 2: 8:30 – 3:00

COST: $1,100.00/person

Breakfast, lunch and snacks all day each day
Networking/cocktail reception – 10/29 @ 5:30pm


100% of the People Surveyed Would Recommend CATAPULT to a Friend or Colleague

“Hearing real-world business cases surrounding the use of Tigerpaw® changed my perception.” – 4/25/2018

“I've begun to implement Rick's methodologies and I am already seeing incredible results. Can't thank you enough.” – 5/1/2018

“I gained new perspective on business processes and how to use Tigerpaw® more effectively to improve our operation.” – 4/21/2018

“Rick is the undisputed Jedi master of Tigerpaw®!” – 4/23/2018

“Until Catapult I didn't know how Tigerpaw® really should work. Thanks Rick!” – 4/24/2018

“Tigerpaw® + Catapult = Pure Magic” – 4/23/2018

“The tips and tricks that Rick thinks are normal are not only very helpful (example being how New/Open/Thresholds) but actually work in reality.” – 4/21/2018

“The best part was being able to ask real-world questions and being able to workshop the answers as a group.” – 4/20/2018

“Everything! Rick is an awesome speaker. The interactive part might have been there most helpful.” – 4/19/2018

“Learning the tricks. Meeting other like-minded people. Awesome.” – 4/21/2018

“100% on point with all topics and discussions. Wow!” – 4/23/2018

“No one has ever questioned my business practices like this before. Thank you Rick. Didn't know how much I needed you.” – 4/25/2018

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