Everyday Heroes

Our scalable technical teams are highly trained problem-solvers, and their expertise shows in the way they leverage cloud-based technologies on your behalf. Whether you need to integrate Tigerpaw software, network management services, or need assistance moving to the cloud, Decision Digital is your partner.

Rick Harber, CEO & Founder, doing carpentry

Rick CEO - Founder

Digitized image from The Matrix that Daniel Fisher has chosen to represent himself

Daniel Jedi Developer

Elissa Fladell, Customer Advocate, holding two bottles of wine

Elissa Customer Advocate

Amanda, Back Office Manager

Amanda Back Office Manager

Tony, Engineer - Net Services

Tony Engineer - Net Services

Rob Howard, Net Services Coordinator, standing infornt of a white car

Rob Coordinator - Net Services

Frank Hummel, Senior Sales Engineer, holding a cordless drill the wrong way like he's going to use it to hammer something into a server tower

Frank Senior Sales Engineer

Chris, Director - Net Services,

Chris Director - Net Services

Steve Miller, Ops & Biz Dev Director, sitting in the driver seat of a car with his daughter making a funny face in the backseat

Steve Director - Ops & Biz Dev

Rizwan, Net Services Enginer, showing off his secret weapon: the stare

Rizwan Engineer - Net Services

Jason Stubbs, Net Services Engineer, with his wife

Jason Engineer - Net Services

Lance Wallace, Net Services Engineer, with a tiger on a leash in a crowd of people

Lance Engineer - Net Services

Alex, standing in front of a row of pinball machines

Alex Engineer - Net Services

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