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Founded in 1997, Decision Digital is a strategic information technology firm that serves a diverse, referral-only client base in numerous industries and vertical markets. Widely recognized for our thought leadership, we are driven by listening, proven processes and practical experience. Together with our devotion to integrity, we build long-standing, trust-filled relationships with our customers and partners.

Rick Harber

Rick Harber CEO - Founder

John Bytel

John Bytel Manager - Back Office

Digitized image from The Matrix that Daniel Fisher has chosen to represent himself

Daniel Fisher Jedi Developer

Elissa Fladell

Elissa Fladell Customer Advocate

Scene Star Trek episode 'Trouble with Tribbles' Mark Glynn has chosen to represent himself

Mark Glynn Engineer - Net Services

Rob Howard

Rob Howard Coordinator - Net Services

Frank Hummel

Frank Hummel Director - Net Services

Steve Miller

Steve Miller Director - Ops & Biz Dev

Jason Stubbs

Jason Stubbs Engineer - Net Services

Marvin Gay image selected by Rich Varn to represent himself

Rich Varn Engineer - Net Services

Lance Wallace

Lance Wallace Engineer - Net Services

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