CAREManaged Services

Move From Acceptable to Exceptional

Our CARE managed services will broaden your reach and increase your IT staff without hiring a single person! Our scalable technical teams are highly trained problem-solvers. And unlike other firms that use subcontractors, our people are OUR people. Whether you're getting over the hump, outsourcing your network operations, or somewhere in between, we will align ourselves with your goals and accomplish them together, with precision and predictable spending.




Wide Area


24/7 Network Operations Center

24/7 Icon representing Decision Digital's 24/7 Network Operations Center

Our team will fully monitor and maintain your network and endpoint devices 24/7.

Network Management

Manage Icon representing Decision Digital's Network Management service

Proactive monitoring & management, methodical processes, and a responsive team combine to preserve your network's health and wellbeing.

Technical Support

User Login Icon representing Decision Digital's Technical Support service

Our "no-hold" technical support provides swift assistance to you and your team when you need it most.

Help Desk

Life Ring Icon representing Decision Digital's Help Desk service

Our enhanced end-user technical support service for customers with round-the-clock live and support needs.


Price Search Icon representing Decision Digital's Procurement service

Let us manage the buying of your tech through our long-standing vendor partnerships and we'll own the process and give you competitive pricing.


Target Icon representing Decision Digital's Deployment service

Our methodical project management and deployment skills will ensure your hardware, software and service projects are delivered on time and within budget.