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Professional Services

Our Precision Creates Perfection


Listening is not the same as hearing. We've fine tuned our listening skills to better understand and benefit you.


We go beyond generic assessments by preparing, performing and providing post-assessments.


We provide you with a comprehensive plan for your business or organization.


This is a term used often, but we take it very seriously. We hold our team to the highest of engineering standards.


The end result is not our focus, it's how we get you there. We take full ownership of our process and never over complicate it.


Working together, our team exchanges ideas internally to find the best solution and opportunity for your organization.

Managed Services

Move From Acceptable to Exceptional

When we manage your network, you increase your IT staff without hiring a single person. Our scalable technical teams are highly trained problem-solvers, adept in critical thinking and practical knowledge. And unlike other firms that use subcontractors, our people are OUR people. Whether you wish to get over the hump, or to outsource your network operations, or somewhere in between, we will align ourselves with your goals and accomplish them together, with precision and predictable spending.




Wide Area


Data Center


  • Problem Solving
  • Skilled Guidance
  • Process Development


  • Networks
  • Project
  • Vendor


  • Phone
  • Onsite
  • Remote


  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Services


  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Services


  • Crystal Reports
  • Excel
  • SQL

Hosted Services

Time to Stop Driving and Be Driven

Leverage the benefits of cloud-based technologies, with the assurance of privacy. Meet PrivateCloud. We designed our cloud services network to be flexible, cost-effective, resilient, and compliant, with heavy emphasis on data integrity and security.

This is not monitoring; its management. We bring it all together for you. Hardware, software, monitoring, patching, and remote control. Our state-of-the-art management system keeps you and us on top of your gear. Watch your network in real time. Pull all your device logs into one view. Receive alerts on mission critical items. Take remote control of virtually any device, anytime, anywhere.

Full VMs, your whole network or just your most valuable files, databases, and e-mails, Hypervault automatically backs up your data to a secure offsite location via the Internet. With military-grade encryption and built-in support for nearly every OS, file, database, and mail system, Hypervault shores up your data protection strategy and removes complexity.

It's time to move the server room out of your office. Available in Hyper-V or ESX, our hosted virtual machines put an end to server sprawl and introduce you to scalability and dependability. Build the server you want without buying any hardware or software. And have all the bandwidth you want. Need more resources? Scale your environment with the click of a mouse instead of the stroke of a check.

The essence of your business is your books. It's time you treat them in a different way. Check it out: our hosted SAGE and QuickBooks services offer your the same great accounting software you love without the hardware. And, there is all that goodness that comes with an offsite, fortified data center. Now you can use those mad accounting skills at work, at home, even in the air.

Our fully secure MailStore archiving services are an essential part of your compliance requirements. No matter where your email may live, we can automatically build and store fully-hosted historical and compliance journaling email archives, accessible only to you, in our SAS70/SSAE-15 data center.

Private, hardened, secure, and redundant. Equinix is home to our own PrivateCloud™ servers as well as rack space for your physical servers. You know, the ones that simply shouldn't live in your office. Whether you are using one of our cloud services, need a disaster recovery hot site, or wish to place your own gear in a highly available environment, our data center services are affordably within your reach.

Tigerpaw® Authorized Services

Turning Know-How Into Show-How

Decision Digital is an authorized partner of Tigerpaw Software, Inc., and you won't find a more passionate and skilled team of Tigerpaw® experts anywhere! With nearly two decades of Tigerpaw® experience, along with our collection of add-ons, enhancements, and services have helped countless new and existing Tigerpaw® customers achieve an immeasurable increase in automation, productivity and profitability.

Tigerpaw business management integrations are developed with industry-leading associations, manufacturers and third party vendors to create additional value for customers seeking the most robust and complete professional services automation (PSA) solution available.

“ Thanks for everything, we are in a better place since working with you & look forward to reengaging to get to the next level in the future. If you are ever in need a glowing reference don't hesitate to reach out! ” – Brian Fair President/CEO, TOPS

“ I also want to say thank you to you and your amazing team… Without you guys we wouldn't be where we are at now with TP and many many of the mission critical items you guys helped us with. Again we at CIT cant thank you guys enough. ” – Shawn Begarowicz Technology/Service Manager, Complete Interactive

“ Rick and his company are highly respected among our members and the Decision Digital team has done wonders for our them and their utilization of Tigerpaw. Our members constantly praise the great work Decision Digital has done throughout TAG. We are lucky to have Rick as a friend and partner. ” – Brian Suerth President, Technology Assurance Group

“ Your continued help implementing Tigerpaw has really changed our business. ” – Peter Boon President, Electromedia

“ It's been a great partnership and talk your praises every chance I get. ” – Mike Meldrum President, Complete Interactive Technologies

“ We have tremendous respect for you and your organization and the amazing things you continue to do for us. ” – Kelly Ethington Presiden, CTS Technology Solutions

“ We have peace of mind that comes from knowing there is a top-notch staff of experts ready to support us when the need arises. ” – Steve DiBatista HiFi House

“ Decision Digital is one of the few companies that we trust to provide services to our user base of over 35,000. ” – James Foxall CEO of Tigerpaw Software

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