Revenue Generation and Metrics

March 23-25
10:00am - 1:00pm Eastern Time

Give us a few hours over a few days, and we'll energize and educate you with proven processes and techniques we've mastered while running Tigerpaw ourselves and performing hundreds of PSA and RMM implementations around the globe for more than 20 years. Each topic is covered in depth using real-world examples, process diagrams, and workflows. Whether you use Tigerpaw® or ConnectWise®, we'll maximize your effectiveness, improve your productivity, and increase your revenue with this power workshop, using tools you already have in place.


Morning 1: Contracts

Measure your profitability in hours and dollars, automate and manage recurring revenue, streamline projects, and more with contracts.

Morning 2: The Pursuit Methodology®

This is our proven process for effective sales and business development. Our metrics-driven approach will teach you about true sales cost and the missed opportunities that are right in front of your eyes.

Morning 3: Weaponizing Your Data

We'll show you how to leverage your existing data to make timely and informed decisions…without reports! BrightGauge®, Customer Thermometer®, TREK® and matrix views will change your business forever.

BONUS: All attendees can download the matrix views, workflows, and process diagrams for use in their own businesses.

Come and join us!

Have questions? Contact Elissa Fladell at (404) 303-0330 x113 or


  • "Hearing real-world business cases surrounding the use of Tigerpaw® changed my perception."
  • "I've begun to implement Rick's methodologies and I am already seeing incredible results. Can't thank you enough."
  • "I gained new perspective on business processes and how to use Tigerpaw® more effectively to improve our operation."
  • "Rick is the undisputed Jedi master of Tigerpaw®!"
  • "Until Catapult I didn't know how Tigerpaw® really should work. Thanks Rick!"
  • "Tigerpaw® + Catapult = Pure Magic"
  • "The tips and tricks that Rick thinks are normal are not only very helpful (example being how New/Open/Thresholds) but actually work in reality."
  • "The best part was being able to ask real-world questions and being able to workshop the answers as a group."
  • "Everything! Rick is an awesome speaker. The interactive part might have been there most helpful."
  • "Learning the tricks. Meeting other like-minded people. Awesome."
  • "100% on point with all topics and discussions. Wow!"
  • "No one has ever questioned my business practices like this before. Thank you Rick. Didn't know how much I needed you."

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